Under the canopy of Santa Marta's emerald forests Your immersive retreat experience unfolds with a plethora of powerful tools for

Self-discovery, growth, and transformation

Breathwork sessions, harnessing methods like Holotropic, DMT Breathing, Dispenza Breath, and Wim Hof to align mind and body

Human Design, deep-dive into your unique blueprint with a detailed printout and Q&A

An array of meditation practices including Balance Energy Centers, Pineal Gland Activation, Walking Meditation for Embodiment and Osho Meditation Practices

Connect, support and challenge other men to be the best men we can be.

Your journey is punctuated with unforgettable local nature events, challenging fun activities, and a newfound brotherhood of like-minded individuals.

You’ve been told that you’ve reached your peak, that you are living your fullest potential. We challenge this assumption. We know there is a vibrant, powerful, and limitless version of you waiting to be awakened. If you’re ready to shed the skin of an old reality and step into a world of unlimited possibilities, join us in the Awakening.

Meet Your Guides

Kevin, Joel, and Naum come together to facilitate your transformative journey. With backgrounds spanning neuroscience, philosophy, Tantra, mindset coaching, breathwork, plant medicine, NLP, hypnotherapy, and more, this powerhouse team is equipped to guide you on your journey towards self-realization.


Embarking on a spiritual and personal development journey in his early 20s, Naum discovered the transformative power of meditation, subconscious reprogramming, and esoteric wisdom. From studying with a motivational speaker in Bali to teaching NLP and hypnotherapy, he immersed himself in the world of personal growth. A former college wrestler and successful entrepreneur, Naum’s path led him back to his true calling: helping men maximize their potential. Combining insights from quantum physics, metaphysics, philosophy, and transformational therapy with hands-on experience in meditation, hypnosis, breathwork, and tantra, Naum now coaches men one-on-one, guiding them to profound transformations. Join Naum on this retreat and awaken to your limitless possibilities as a man.


Joel is Mindset Coach & Retreat Facilitator with the experience of over 500 Mindset regarded Coaching Sessions. He also accumulated profound experiences regarding meditation through his own practice and learning from masters of the field.


Kevin spent nearly two decades in the fitness industry, training individuals on how to  achieve peak physical fitness. Recognizing a gap between the mindset and capability of athletes, he turned to neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, quantum mechanics, social dynamics, and cellular biology to find a new way to coach his athletes. Now, he offers a combination of science and intuition in a process for men seeking the best versions of themselves using a variety of frameworks including, but not limited to: human design, spiral dynamics, gene keys, unity consciousness, and various forms of mysticism.

It's truly gratifying when a guy empathizes and says, “I've been through a similar experience. I FEEL YA... I understand how you feel. Here's what I went through and the lessons I learned from it. ”

Are you ready to step out of the Matrix and into your new reality?

Apply now to secure your spot for this unforgettable retreat, taking place from October 8th-14th, 2023.

Disclaimer: Kevin, Joel and Naum are not licensed therapists or psychologists. Their programs and opinions are based on a lifetime of unique and diverse life experiences, self-education, and coaching thousands of satisfied clients.